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Information section

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1920 - 1930 (Date d'édition)
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  • Société des Nations
  • organisation internationale
  • pacifisme
Texte : Information section. The information section of the Secretariat was created to make available to Press and Public the facts about the organisation, work and purpose of the League. / Some of the Activities of the Section. The information section publishes for the daily information of the 100 international journalists resident in Geneva and the 300-400 who come for special meetings : Communiqués, statements and resumés of the subjects treated by the League ; For the general information of students, universities and organisations ; A Monthly Summary of the League's work, in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Czech ; A series of pamphlets in a great many languages on various aspects of League activity ; Special photographs, lantern slides and films ; and is in a general way at the disposal of any one requesting information on the League. / Conference of press experts (august 1927 : 122 experts). The information section was in charge of the preparation and organisation of the Conference of Press Experts convened in 1927 by the Council of the League after consultation with journalistic circles, in order to discuss technical press problems of international concern. The resolutions of the Conference were forwarded by the Council to Governments, or, in certain cases, to the Transit Organisation for action in co-operation with interested circles.

Illustration : photographie en noir et blanc de la chambre de presse du secrétariat ; graphique du nombre de journalistes présents aux Assemblées entre 1920 et 1928 ; tableau avec les pamphlets publiés par la section d'information.
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