Administrative field

Administrative field

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Administrative field

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Société des Nations (SDN) (Editeur)
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1920 - 1930 (Date d'édition)
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  • Société des Nations
  • organisation internationale
Texte : Administrative field. Free City of Danzig. Danzig was created a Free City under the Protection of the League of Nations. Poland enjoys certain technical and economic rights in Danzig, and conducts its foreign relations. Disputes between Poland and Danzig are settled by a League High Commissioner, subject to appeal to the Council. / Saar Basin. The Government of the territory of the Saar is entrusted for 15 years to a Commission representing the League of Nations. This Commission consists of five persons, appointed annually by the Council. In 1935 a plebiscite will be held, as to whether : 1. The Saar shall be governes permanently by the League ; 2. united to France, or ; 3. returned to Germany

Illustration : portrait photographique en noir et blanc de M. Gravina (Haut-Commissaire) ; photographie de la Commission du Gouvernement de Sare ; cartes situant Danzig et le bassin de la Sarre.
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