Prudhommeaux, André

Personne physique
André PRUDHOMMEAUX (1902-1968). Born in the Fourierist commune Familistère in Guise 1902, died in Versailles 1968; pseudonym: André Prunier; son of Jules Prudhommeaux; agronomist, libertarian, editor and publicist; worked for the communist oriented Clarté in 1927; in 1928 he married the Swiss Dora Ris (1907-1988) and together they started the Librairie Ouvrière which became a focus point for oppositional communists; in touch with Trotskyist groups and later with Bordigists; with Jean Dautry he published L'Ouvrier Communiste 1929-1930 and La Correspondance Internationale Ouvrière 1932-1933; participated in the defense campaign for Marinus van der Lubbe 1933, which made him turn to anarchism; contributed to Le Libertaire and La Revue Anarchiste; from 1934 he published Terre Libre (until 1937 when it became the organ of the Fédération Anarchiste) and Les Cahiers de Terre Libre; after a short stay of the couple in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, they published L'Espagne Antifasciste, La Nouvelle Espagne Antifasciste and L'Espagne Nouvelle in Nîmes 1937-1939; during the war years spent in Switzerland, Prudhommeaux engaged in literary activity 1939-1946; after the war general secretary of the Commission de Relations Internationales Anarchistes (CRIA) 1948-1958; coeditor of Le Libertaire and editor of Le Monde Libertaire; secretary of international relations of the new Fédération Anarchiste (FA) from 1956; contributed to Témoins and Preuves and several foreign anarchist journals like Volontà, Freedom, L'Adunata dei refrattari and Pensée et Action.