Financial field

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Financial field

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1922 - 1930 (Date d'édition)
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Texte : Financial Field. The origin :1920 - The Brussels financial conference, convoked by the League, emphasised in a series of unanimous resolutions principles which have since become the accepted practice of sound governmental finance and currency policy as : balancing State Budgets ; Reducing State Expenditure ; Limiting fresh borrowing by governments ; Stopping inflation and freeing the banks of issue from all political influence. The Conference also suggested the creation for this purpose of a special Committee. / The work : / The financial Committee was created in 1920. This Committee consists of a dozen Members who give their opinion as Independent experts. Some are Governors of banks of issue, others private bankers and others again high officials of Ministries of Finance. / Problems Treated : Financial reconstruction of Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Esthonia, Danzig ; Establishment of Refugees and exchange of population in Greece and Bulgaria ; Financial Enquiries in Albania and Portugal ; Double Taxation and Fiscal Evasion ; Financial aspect of Trade Crises ; Plan for financial Aid to States victims of aggression ; Purchasing Power of gold ; Suppression of Counterfeiting of Currency. / Principal Publications : Monthly Bulletin of Statistics ; Quarterly Reports of the Financial Committee ; Memoranda on Currency and Central Banks ; Memoranda on Public Finance ; Memoranda on International Trade ; Such Memoranda, mostly published annually, form a complete survey of world trade and public finance which is of value not only to technical students but to everyone interested in world affairs. / More than 400 million dollars in Loans have been issued under the auspices of the Committee as follow : 1922, Austrian Reconstruction Loan 169.000.000$ ; 1924, Hungarian Reconstruction Loan 72.000.000$ ; 1924, Greef Refugees Settlement Loan 61.500.000$ ; 1925, Danzig Municipal Loan 7.500.000$ ; 1926, Bulgarian Refugees Settlement Loan 16.500.000$ ; 1927, Free City of Danzig Loan 9.500.000$ ; 1927, Esthonian Loan 7.500.000$ ; 1928, Greek stabilisation and Refugees Loan 38.000.000$ ; 1928, Bulgarian reconstruction Loan 26.900.000$.

Illustration : portrait photographique d'Arthur Salter (directeur de la section économique et finance) ; carte de l'Europe.
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